What is child abuse?

A child is 0- 18 years old, depending on the particular country or jurisdiction.


Wherein parent / guardian fails to provide the child with basic needs, love and care.
Examples include:

Withholding of food, clothing, medical care, education, and even affection and affirmation of the child’s self-worth. 

Child abuse is when a person exerts his or her power over a child in ways that harm and/or exploit the child. The abuser is powerful; the child is vulnerable. The abuser can gain power over the child through size, position, knowledge, or money. All of these work to make the abuser feel he or she is able to behave inappropriately toward a child and that the child will be unable to stop the abusive behavior.

The child is vulnerable to an abuser as a result of having fewer resources available to him or her. The child is physically smaller and weaker, intellectually less mature, and can be economically dependent upon the abuser or some other adult. When a child’s vulnerability and an abuser’s misuse of power combine with opportunity, then child abuse may and often does occur.

Abuse Indicators

If every member of society is educated on the signs and indicators of abuse, action can be taken earlier on in reporting and investigating suspected abuse.  Thus, helping to bring help, safety, and protection quicker to children subjected to any form of abuse. If you observe these signs from a child you know, please report it to your local authority.  

Consequences of Abuse

If any such child abuse is brought to the attention of the child protection team, the team should act upon it with deliberation. The longer the abuse goes on, the more harm it does to the child. If you suspect a child is in a dangerous situation, take immediate action.

Every team should learn and follow local laws on mandated reporting of child abuse to civil authorities.

It is our responsibility to protect the children sent to us by Lord Krishna and Srila Prabhupada.



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