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-The key to prevention

Child education is a preventative tool to assist children in knowing and understanding their rights and responsibilities.  Educational campaigns for both adults and children alike should be carried out in all communities in order to prevent and eradicate child abuse and neglect.

Some of the topics covered for children are :

  • making children aware of their rights and responsibilities

  • empowering them to report abuse

  • promoting life skills and values

It is also important for children to know that not all abusers are strangers!

Temple Communities are encourage to host  Awareness Day programs, put up educational posters, invite professionals from the local Social Service to address the congregation.  Programs for teachers, leaders, parents and care-givers are essential.



-it is equally important to educate them on the precautions of child abuse and neglect.  There are several physical and behavioral indicators that are ‘warning signs’ that a caring and responsible adult can pick-up on, in order to help the child.


Physical and behavioral indicators are just another way of saying “opportunity for prevention” – a chance to recognize possible risk and to take action to protect children.

A community as a whole that is well educated on  how to create a safe and aware environment sends out a message to perpetrators and opportunists that there is zero tolerance  of any kind of abuse and opportunity. 

Holding trainings on child protection in each temple and  community gives the opportunity to  set up policies and procedures and to educate and give responsibility to each community member to know how to help prevent and identify abuse.  

The ISKCON Child protection office holds trainings for temples  to assist in educating and setting up child protection standards for each community.  IF you would like to become a more educated member of your community or want to set up a training for your temple contact the Child Protection office for assistance. 

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