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Why is it Important to Conduct Screenings and Who Should be Requesting Them? 

Screenings are an easy step in keeping our temples a safe place and ensuring we don't place abusers in positions of worship and authority such as giving class, deity worship, management, leading kirtans etc.   Screening also ensures that abusers will not have access to children, or welcomed to live in an ashram on ISKCON property etc. Often times abusers will pass from temple to temple, fulfilling different positions or different services, getting support, and repeat offending if they have access to children. This can be avoided if temples and organizers require CPO clearance on devotees they will be engaging in service. 

If you are a temple president, organizer (kids tent, festival planner, kirtan scheduler, etc), gurukula principle, person of influence (GBC, social media presenter etc.) you should be screening who you allow to sing, move into the temple, give class, visit your school, host on your social media platform, join any managerial role etc. 

•PLEASE NOTE, IF YOU ARE IN NORTH AMERICA PLEASE GO HERE  and follow the prompts for screening. 

ONE TIME Registration
*For Managers ONLY*

To be completed by managers, one time who will be asking devotes to show proof of CPO clearance

If you are a manager/temple president/CPT member etc.  and would like to screen the devotees, for example: coming in contact with kids at your temple, giving class at your centre, moving into your temple, volunteering at your kids tent, leading kirtan etc. Please register with us.

Once you have completed this registration below, you can request devotees (where appropriate) to provide you with CPO clearance before engaging them in any service.

Please provide (to whomever you request clearance from) the clearance form (to the right), along with your legal/devotional name and email address.  Applicants  can then fill out the clearance form and receive CPO clearance.

Thank you! This will insure the devotees you are engaging in service do not have any history with our office. 


Clearance Requests
*For Applicants*

If you have been asked/required to provide CPO clearance by your local CPT, Temple President, Organiser etc. please fill out the form below. You will be asked to provide the legal/devotional name and email address of the manager who has asked you for cpo clearance. The manager who has requested your clearance should have completed registration with us (form to the left). 

Once you, the applicant, has completed the form below you and the manager requesting your clearance will receive an email response. 

How Do Clearances Work

What Will You Need? 

To complete a clearance request you will need to provide the following information: 

-Legal/Devotional name of the person who has asked you to provide clearance, and their email address
-Your legal Name

-Your devotional Name

-Your spiritual Master

-Your country of Birth

-Your date of birth

-Your place of Residence. 

This information will be cross referenced against our database.  If you would like more information on how to do thorough screenings/background checks where appropriate please read the document below.    

Screening Made Easy

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