Why is it Important to Conduct Screenings and Who Should be Requesting them? 

Screenings are an easy step in keeping our temples a safe place and ensuring that we don't place abusers in  positions of  worship and authority such as giving class, deity worship, management, leading kirtans etc.   As well as ensuring they do not have access to children, or welcomed to live in an ashram on ISKCON property. Often times abusers will pass from temple to temple, fulfilling different positions or different services, getting support, and repeat offending if they have access to children. This can be avoided if temples and organizers run a simple clearance check with our office. 

If you are a temple president, organizer (kids tent,  festival planner, kirtan scheduler, etc), gurukula principle, persona of influence (GBC, social media presenter etc.) you should be screening who you allow to sing, move into the temple, give class, visit your school, host on your social media platform, join any managerial role etc. 

Clearance Registration

You must register to access our clearance service. This service is intended for manegement/organisers/ or service where clearances would be warranted.  This is not for personal use, you must provide a valid reason for screening requests. 

Already registered?

If you have completed the registration above and received confirmation of successful registration, please go ahead and use our clearance form whenever you need to get an applicant cpo clearance.

How do Clearances Work/What Will You Need? 

To complete a clearance you will need to provide the following information of the individual in question. 
-Legal Name

-Devotional Name

-Spiritual Master

-Country of Birth

-Date of birth

-Place of Residence. 

This information will be cross referenced against our database.  If you would like more information on how to do thorough screenings/background checks where appropriate please read the document below.    

Screening Made Easy