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Meet The Team

Kamlesh Krishna das

Kamalesh Krishna das is the International Director of the ISKCON Child Protection Office.

Prior to joining ISKCON Kamalesh Krishna Das worked with the Ministry of Defence in London for a number of years, covering roles in various departments such as defence public relations, personnel management and procurement, attached to the army as a civilian officer.

He was introduced to ISKCON by family members and joined the Brahmacari ashrama at Bhaktivedanta Manor in 1985. He is a disciple of H H Bhakti Charu Swami.

In 1990 he pursued a career in financial services. He has held various senior posts in the banking and financial services industry over his career, as well as establishing his own corporate financial advisory company. Academically he holds a BSc in computer science and is a chartered corporate financial planner. AdditionallyHe holds a Masters Degree in  Advanced Child Protection from the University of Kent. 

In his devotional career, he continues to serve on various bodies within the UK, namely as a director of ISKCON UK, Bhaktivedanta Patrons Council and finance committees.

Kamalesh Krishna das, has been involved in the service of child protection since 2010. Over this period he has attended and completed a number of external training courses relating to child protection facilitated by accredited organisations in the field.

Kamalesh Krishna das also serves as a Magistrate within the British Judiciary.

Kamalesh Krishna’s main aims as the Director of The ISKCON Child Protection office are to bring greater awareness and importance of Child Protection to ISKCON at all levels. Additionally, in order to ensure a consistent level of well-being and security of our children throughout ISKCON, he wants to deliver training, support and effective organisational structures, so that child protection teams are increased, supported and empowered.


Gandharvika devi dasi

Gandharvika devi dasi is assistant to her husband, Kamalesh Krishna das the CPO Director.

Born and raised in London, prior to joining ISKCON, she held several posts in administration including working with The Advertising Standards Authority in central London.

She was introduced to IKSCON by her mother and joined the ashram in 1984 at Caitanya College in Worcester and is a disciple of HH Sivarama Swami.  

In her devotional life she has performed many services in ISKCON, such as book distribution, horticulture, administration & serving on several committees over the years at Bhaktivedanta Manor such as the temple council.  

She has been involved in child protection in ISKCON since its inception in 1998 as the UK National Director and a serving review panel member.  She has attended many statutory training courses with regards to child protection as well as other professional lead courses.

Gandharvika devi dasi holds a Masters Degree in Advanced Child Protection from the University of Kent. 

Lilasuka dasi

Lilasuka dasi, a disciple of H.H. Srila Bir Krishna das Goswami lives in Alachua Florida.


She has been serving with ISKCON child protection for the last 15 years.  


She served as a Community Educator in Orange County, N.C. providing child abuse awareness training in Pre K through College level classrooms.


As Director of the Child Protection Office for North America her main focus is prevention of child abuse through education for adults and children as well as ensuring systems are in place at each center for prevention and response to concerns of child maltreatment.  


As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The CPO for North America - /    


Daksina dasi

Daksina devi dasi, a disciple of H H Sivarama Swami, lives in Watford, UK. She has been serving on the Bhaktivedanta Manor Child Protection Team since 2010 and took over from Gandharvika dd as the National CPO Director for the UK, in 2012. 

She was previously employed by the London Ambulance Service, but stopped working several years ago to focus on raising and homeschooling her two daughters.

She has completed many child protection and safeguarding courses offered by the Hertfordshire County Council, NSPCC, CEOP, and RWA Child Protective Services, and continues to update her training and knowledge every year.

Her main focuses in the UK are ensuring that local Child Protection Teams are set up in every temple and that all devotees – leaders, teachers, temple residents, community members, volunteers, and children, receive appropriate child protection training.

She works with local, professional, and statutory, authorities to ensure that all cases of child abuse are reported and dealt with by them, and ISKCON, in an appropriate and child centred manner.

She is currently also assisting the International Child Protection Office by acting as a Case Manager when required, and carrying out clearances.

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